Thursday, 31 July 2014


Oxford describes procrastination as the action of delaying or postponing something, and it makes sense to me.What doesn’t make sense to me, is the usage of this word. It is often used to accuse person X of following a wrong course of action - for achieving a fairy tale climax fantasized by some another person Y. If X likes to delay something to enjoy one other thing, it suggests that the other thing is dearer to X than something. What’s wrong with that?

There are a few things that I agree upon with Einstein (obviously because I know so few of what he knew). Theory of relativity is definitely one of them; it helps me in relating relativity to relatives in the context. Upon relating, if X’s vector quantity has a different direction with respect to Y’s - what’s wrong with that?

Enough with the X and Y already, by the way isn’t that what we all are made of?
X and Y.

Edit: Last week my Lord Sir Professor Fuddumal(Douchebag) came across my offensive blog and ordered me to submit a case study on X and Y as a punishment.

An excerpt from the case study as follows:

Dear Sir, I would like to replace X with M and I hope Y is fine with you.

Case study:

Here M has been programmed by Y to accomplish a task. Two outcomes are possible:

Result 1: M does not accomplish the task as programmed by Y.

Inference 1: M is a malfunctioning robot (procrastinating human) and Y an idiot (IDIOT).

Result 2: M accomplishes the task as programmed by Y.

Inference 2: M is an impeccable robot (IDIOT) and Y still an idiot (IDIOT).


Result 2 gives us 2 idiots which is 1 more than result 1.

We do not want that, sir!

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