Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Experiments With Insomnia

I have successfully pulled off a week deprived of any recorded sleep (bragging rights, why else would I maintain a personal blog?), not to mention the hours I take out of my “8 hours sleep quota” every now and then to invest in things I want to over-do before sleeping one last time. My insomnia is more a self-inflicted injury since my mind does function well to send neurons to lullaby me every night, but I always choose to use the over-ride switch. Sometimes it feels like I am cheating the shopkeeper who allowed me to take candies out of the box while attending to other customers. Cheating is always thrilling because it provides you with an inflated idea about obtaining maximum output with minimum input. Technically speaking, cheating improves your efficiency. What? you struggled to increase the efficiency of that stupid motor all your graduation? Too bad you couldn't make it cheat. 

While cheating, i have this tendency to take out few candies too many - at times I take 2 hours (candies) out of the quota(box) – at other times I sleep for 2 hours ( I go berserk and risk emptying the box, come what may). One of the most amazing things that I have observed is that the term “body clock” actually exists and works, my “body clock” helps me in maintaining a lead (to my delight) over the following day as it shakes and wakes me up at around same time each day, even accounting the famous 4 minutes.

The surreal experience that insomnia offers to an insomniac (me) gets real the very next morning after a sleepless night. A sunny day automatically appears to be lesser bright, more like a soothing cloudy day. The annoying noise of female chatter and other penetrating noises while commuting (I do) get dampened (Feminist? Sorry but there is something about that pitch). In a more than positive way, intensity and urgency of a situation is mitigated with the help of these crucial after effects of insomnia. What’s more, I reach the calm that helps me in decision making (deciding between exhaling or inhaling oxygen) and dealing with daily issues (mostly by procrastinating).

In my lifelong quest to not contaminate my system with toxics like alcoholic drinks and drugs , maybe I have developed an altogether different mode to reach the much sought escapism in form of Insomnia. 

Everything is pretty in insomnia until you come across scary hallucinations and rare migraine attacks. But then again, no pain no gain. 


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P.S – I haven’t met Tyler Durden just yet, project mayhem is not around the corner. 

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