Tuesday, 9 September 2014

We are lost out there

I am inside this train, this train that will take me far away. I know where this train will take me but I can’t know for sure. Yet it doesn’t matter. You know why? Because, we are all together and this is what we have been programmed for.

Isn’t this how we all feel every day commuting in trains to catch our jobs? Jobs that need to be done to afford a life for us, our families and most importantly to feed our socialistic egos.  

It is about time when i get down the train. 


What do we have here? Brothers and sisters working in call centers to earn a meagre salary that is easily exceeded by a rickshaw puller. I suggest Brothers and Sisters to rather opt for rickshaw pulling as it will help them cut some fat off their a**es. Now Brothers and sisters retaliate to that statement by stating “a rickshaw puller gets abused in public, at least we get abused on a telephone for something we don’t have anything to do about and we love our respective a**es, faggot”. To that I reply “Well, nothing to do here, time to board the train again. Bye”. 

I board the train. 

I am inside this train again - This time I see the tiresome dropped heads - outwardly calm like a volcano trapped in a glacier, raring to erupt, yet enduring and suffering every bit of it. Dropped heads on way back home, pondering if they could really survive the week to earn a day full of life. This is not exactly how homecoming feels like, does it? In the end we reconcile with our conscience with the words – well, we got to do what we got to do. Let the weekend arrive, we will booze, b*****. 

But why are we doing this? Just to be the run of the mill, which in turn is run by more of opportunists than innovators?  

There are no innovators today, there are only organizations. How could there be innovators when there are no (okay, a few) independent minds? Only a few people are the fortunate ones who get to work and earn in a field that intrigues them. Others? we are programmed to follow patterns that are products of someone else’s mindsets and we are expected to follow protocols.  

I must get down the train...

Now, what do we have here? Now we are learning C language which has been already mastered by some maniacs. Wait! What are we doing then? Maybe we are being the perfect robots to implement those maniacs (MNCs) vision to make fortunes for them and are getting paid a fraction of it with an appalling and absurd denominator. We are modern slaves who have traded our freedom and thought process for monetary benefits. 

Coming back to “There are no innovators today, there are only organizations”, NASA does all the space exploration work and R&Ds do all the research in the land space.  

What do we do? Well, we don’t give a shit.  

Yesterday, I updated my blog’s Facebook page with Stephen Hawking’s theory that how God’s Particle could destroy our universe. When I accessed the insights of the Facebook page, I was shocked at the sight. Out of 800 people reached by the post only 3 people were engaged and cared to have a look. Yeah, we don’t give a shit. We would rather have a look at Sonam Kapoor’s new dress and adore her. Anyways, who gives a shit about Universe, let alone Stephan Hawking? We will give a shit about Stephan Hawking once his movie comes out, didn’t we do that with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag? Remember when we went berserk airing shitload of awareness about Milkha Singh on our Facebook accounts. (Google “The theory of everything”, if you give a shit). 
We have embraced the fact that we are slaves to our “comfort zones” which are comforting from a social view and should not be at all comforting from an individual view. We lack the rebellion spirit and curiosity to break out of these deceiving “comfort zones”. 

I have this friend who works for a reputed company and earns thrice of what I do. And it doesn’t end there, he also earns thrice of self-loathing I can afford. The unfortunate lad has tried his best to acclimatize with the suffocating environment but now claims it is even tougher than acclimatizing for Leh-Laddakh and wishes to abandon his line of work in near future. That there is a brave move, but only if executed. Problems do not seem to end for this guy as he also proclaims that he has no particular passion to follow. Poor chap might end up in the same profession for the lack of – what do I say, ambition and courage to overcome the vicious social hurdles, I guess. 

We do not seek change for change appears to upset the society, and we are too afraid. We develop likings based on advertisement campaigns out there, we do not reason ourselves and we do not give a shit. We are all lost. 



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