Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hritik Roshan:"Interstellar maker copied bang bang and spied on me."

In a surprising turn of events, Hritik Roshan has claimed that Interstellar is heavily influenced by his recent Sci-Fi movie Bang Bang. Hritik continued further to state that it is not just Bang Bang, but Christopher Nolan has spied on Hritik his whole life to finally come up with Interstellar.  We somehow managed to interview Hritik, who was reportedly busy reading a book with the title “Jhooth bolein, Kavva se na darein”

Interviewer :First things first. Hritik, you recently categorized Bang Bang as a Sci-Fi Movie. Did we miss something in the movie which suggested it was a Sci-Fi?

Hritik: (Laughs) It is a pre-dominant problem with Indian audience. We look for things that are not there and do not look for things which are right in front and obvious.

Interviewer: How is that?

Hritik: Really? When Nolan finishes a movie with a spinning totem you guys speculate if “Titanic Hero” is still dreaming or not. I named my movie “BANG BANG” – the theory to how universe was created, what is more sci-fi than that word?

Interviewer: Sir, it is BIG BANG. The theory to how universe was created.

Hritik: (googling) No, it is not…. (finished googling) I mean of course it is BIG BANG, we just did not want the title to be too revealing so we settled on BANG BANG. See, you made a fool out of yourself there. (Laughs)

Interviewer: Okay, even if the name is Sci-fi, we did not see anything sci-fi in the movie. And how is it that Interstellar is influenced by your BANG BANG when Interstellar went to the production floor much before BANG BANG?

Hritik: Actually, that is the first sensible question there. I doubt if you will be able to understand the science behind that.

Interviewer: Please enlighten us; it is the need of the hour.

Hritik: (bending forward, speaks in a serious tone) Anomalies. 

Interviewer: (astonished) What?

Hritik: Yes, I observed gravitational anomalies much before. When I finished “KOI MIL GAYA”, I had some time to chill off.

Interviewer: KOI MIL GAYA which was a copy of E.T?

Hritik: No it was not, you will understand it all. Just bear with me, bear (laughs).  Did you get my joke?

Interviewer: Yes sir, very nice.

Hritik: So, right after fnishing “koi Mil Gaya”, this is when Jaado suggested me a trip to the fifth dimension and surprisingly charged me only 21 rupees.

Interviewer: What the f…?

Hritiik: Yes, I was like that too. So cheap na?

Interviewer: Sir, do you have any idea ….

Hritik: (cuts in between) That is Abhishek Bachhan’s department. (Laughs hard). Now listen to me. Will you?

Interviewer: Yes sir, i am speechless.

Hritik: So, When i reach the fifth dimension, I am still in my ROHIT MEHRA character – so i decided to fool around. I was looking at people when i stumbled upon Nolan…   shitting in the middle of his apartment(laughs). I wanted to make it even more interesting for him, so I sprinkled some dust through the window and which read “DHOOP DHOOP”.  I was really foolish to underestimate his intelligence, he somehow decoded my encrypted message and found about Jadoo.

Interviewer: (cautiously) Okay, so did he manage to track jadoo?

Hritik: Yes he did, I do not know how he tracked him. But he did.

Interviewer:  Are you sure about that? How so?

Hritik : It was a taste of my own medicine. One day i was doing the same shitting in the middle of my apartment after Suzanne had left. I observed a dust pattern which said “ Tumhare 21 rupees shera wali maa ko chada denge , Jiyo beta! - with love from Nolan and jadoo”.

Interviewer: I am sorry sir, I cannot believe it. Can you help me with some more obvious facts that prove your point?

Hritik: Okay, how about the laws and concepts which have been copied by Nolan from my movie’s songs?

Interviewer: Which songs?

Hritik: How about BANG BANG title track? “ Hona hai jo hona hai vo rahega ho ke hi”. Huh? Ring a bell? Murphy’s law?


Hritik: And how about “ tu tu tu tu meri ri ri mai tera ra ra ra”?

Interviewer: What about it? (nervously)

Hritik: This is where Nolan could not decode my tri-nary number system, tu – 0, ri -1 , ra -3. He could only make out binary out of it, you know 0 and 1, and I am really happy about it. At least there is something which his shrewd mind could not understand.

Interviewer: Sir, I do not know what to say or ask.

Hritik: I know, still it is fine with me. I do not hold any grudges, but Nolan does. Why do you think he cancelled upon his appearance in the IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo festival?

Interviewer: It is all making sense, sir.

Hritik: Told you.

This is the available transcript of the conversation as our reporter fainted soon after this.  


  1. Hello, this is Ally. We spoke on omegle some weeks ago. I actually got around to watching Bang Bang, and at first I thought "hang on... I think I've seen this movie before". Of course, I hadn't, but I had seen Knight and Day, and American movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Bang Bang totally copied some of the scenes in that movie, as well as the general plotline. The whole scene where she wakes up on the beach in a bathing suit and asks how she got changed, and then she goes out into the jungle to make a call which alerts the people who are after him to come get him? Complete copy of Knight and Day. I think it would be funnier if wrote a blog post claiming that Knight and Day copied Bang Bang. Since it came out years ago that's not possible but it would be funny. Just a little suggestion, I think it could be a great post. ;)

  2. Thanks Plaid Peacot. I will think about your suggestion.